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Algund on the outskirts of the spa town of Merano

The garden-village with Mediterranean flair in the tourist area in Merano

Welcome to the garden-village of Algund near Merano, the ideal starting point for fantastic excursions of all types and numerous free time activities in a breath-taking natural landscape. Located among idyllic orchards and vineyards Algund is the perfect location for a relaxing holiday in the tourist area in Merano. You can enjoy the spa town of Merano, as well as try a wide range of sporting activities. Algund and its surroundings has everything you could think of from fun family excursions right up to mountain climbing on the Alta via in Merano.

Fantastic summer excursions around Algund in the tourist area in Merano await you

The Algunder Apfellehrpfad Route (Apple Trail)
The educational nature trail dedicated to “Algunder Apfellehrpfad” apples is really worth discovering in April and May because it is in these months that the apple blossom blooms. During these spring months young farmers act as guides for apple lovers by showing off their apple orchards. While doing so they provide information on the flowering period, cultivation of apple varieties, the right precautions to take and harvest time. At the end it is possible to visit a farming cooperative. Visits are held until June.

The Algunder Weinlehrpfad route (Wine Trail)
Educational visits relating to viticulture are accompanied by canals that are an important source of irrigation for orchards and vineyards. With industrialisation this source has been systematised which is why these waterways make magnificent companions along the hiking trails among meadows and valleys.

The Algunder Weinlehrpfad is a so-called “irrigation ditch” in the tourist area in Merano. These routes are used to relive the history of wine and make them interesting to hikers. Walking along the canals you can find information boards with historical data relating to the theme and the canals themselves.

Algund is ideal for short breaks
Algund has a wide range of activities for your holiday in the tourist area in Merano: from cycling on paths that wind through apple orchards and forests right up to hiking in the forests, meadows and routes along the canals as well as mini-golf and golf and much more.